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How To Express Gratitude To Your Team Members At Work


Your team members/employees need to feel valued and appreciated, here are 5 ways to go about it;

Express gratitude when they don’t expect it.

When something is expected, it is hardly valued. And a general “thank you” seems less sincere than recognition for specific action. You can decide to send an email or handwritten notes to a team member would go a long way. Doing quarterly fun activities to build teamwork and show our appreciation to the team as a whole also works wonders.

Boost work-life benefits.

You should always thank your employees for their hard work. Empower them to do what they need to in and out of the office. Offer flexible work schedules, generous paid time off  etc.

Sit out together for lunch.

How about we all stop working, get together in the break room and banter back and forth while eating lunch. You could gift lunch to the busy ones on the field or at their desk. It has been a great way to get to know each other and build great relationships.

Stop commenting and start rewarding.

Everyone loves being told they are doing a good job. But most great employees already know they are doing a good job. Instead of telling them, show them. People like tangible rewards such as bonuses or an occasional gift to show your team that you recognize their hard work also goes a long way.

Add gratitude to your daily routine.

When things move really quickly, it is easy to forget to thank the people you work with every day. That is why you can create a daily routine to express our gratitude. Set a few minutes aside to discuss what each person is working on and what your core values are. Cite examples of how team members displayed these core values, and acknowledge those who put them into action.


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