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Download: Styl Plus – Call My Name [Audio+Video+Lyrics]

Off the Call My Name Album of Nigerian vocal powerhouse music group Styl Plus, we bring to you one of their hit singles titled “Call My Name”.

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Yeah, brand new from Styl-Plus crew
Picture this: one girl two glasses and a table for two
What would you do?

I was sitting in a corner babe, you were sitting in another corner sitting at a table for two Response: Ooh yeah babe x3
The waiter brought your order babe, champagne, two glasses for nobody but you

Response: Ooh yeah babe x3
Then I saw you whisper, to the waiter mister, and I thought you were talking about me, baby

CHORUS: Ooh babe, ooh babe, can I pour your wine ooh babe I heard a whisper of my name {whisper of my name} did you call my name
Say baby did you call my name

Repeat chorus
Did you call me?

Nearly twenty minutes after babe, I’m beginning to imagine the reason you haven’t yet moved
Response: Ooh yeah babe x3
The waiter hasn’t called me babe, maybe he’s forgotten, maybe you want me to make the first move
Response: Ooh yeah babe x3
So I approach your table, until I’m able, to whisper so no one can hear, baby


{my name is Tunde}did you call my name

I’m coming to get you, to get you

Verse 3
Leaning forward toward to your ear, I can catch the stimulating fragrance of your hair
My feelings to tell me its all good to take my place in front of you ooh yeah babe, ooh yeah baby
I say to myself, I knew right from the start, knew right then baby
Until suddenly, I hear a deep voice from behind: baby I’m sorry that I took so long


It is funny how time flies, when you’re waiting for the mega-fly-girlfriend’s guy to walk by/
Champagne that was never my game, I was only gonna get down cos she called my name, of which/
I’d never act so damn lame and ditch, my three homeboys for a dame and rich glass of a girl’s champagne and switch tables/
Feel us downing Irish cream and tequilas,/
Me and my home boys, said what the deal is,/
Its only just a honey, maybe looking for the money for the tall glass of champagne, and so the deal is,/
I got to go and bail her out, before she gets treated like an area tout,/
You also got to get a perfect line,/
Yeah, ask her if you can pour her wine, c’mon!


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