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How To Crush Your New Year Goals


For a lot of people, every new year brings new promises and resolutions of course. Plans that could include how to make more money, move up in your career and the likes. Too many people do not really know how to achieve their goals. There is a lot more to it than just setting goals. Some research says that only 8% of people are actually able to meet and achieve the goals they set out at the beginning of a new year.

Sometimes, it’s the everyday activities that make it difficult for large ticket dreams to materialize, managing schedules and keeping things in perspective.

Two reasons why it is rather difficult for you to meet your goals are; you bite off more than what you can chew. This mean that you take up more than you can actually do.

The second reason are your emotions and habits. Our emotions and habits tend to ensure that we stick to the ways that we do things. Without any form of change, you lose the ability to make any difference.

Here are some ways to crush your goals and see the changes you so desire.


  • Set realistic goals

While it is ideal to have big dreams, setting realistic goals is essential to ensuring that they can be achieved. Your goals could actually overwhelm and discourage you especially if they are quite lofty. Instead of trying to lose all the weight that you slowly accumulated over a period of time in a few weeks, you could start slowly. Give yourself enough time to realistically incorporate a healthy diet, exercise regime and a general lifestyle change. This same principle applies to other goals that you hope to crush. This you can do by breaking them into smaller actionable steps.


  • Set mini goals, smaller actionable goals

Unpacking your larger than life goals into smaller easily executable goals could just be a means of crushing it.


  • Let your goals be in plain sight

Write those goals down on sticky notes and paste them everywhere around your home and office. This helps immensely because it keeps you centered and you don’t forget what you need to achieve. It could be displaying a goal planning worksheet in their direct line of sight so that they are forced to look at it every time. If you own a planner, that can track daily and weekly task, it would be good to place those goals in them.


  • Time management

Creating a schedule is a rational thing especially in a bid to crush your goals, however sticking to that schedule is quite emotional. You probably start the day with the intentions to make the most out of the day by managing your time, but once you get distracted, most of your plans for the day go up in smoke. You need to stick to schedules that requires self and time management.


  • You need accountability

One way to find motivation in achieving your goals is to tell someone about your goals. Mind that not everyone will support whatever decisions you have made so you need to be careful with whom you assign this mini task to. Having a support system where friends, family, a mentor that checks in with you on a regular basis to see how far you have gone with your goal is important.

Find a person who has similar goals like yourself and then you can hold each other responsible and accountable for those goals. Set up regular check-ins with each other to review each other’s progress.


  • Be flexible and acknowledge that failure is a possibility

Again, while it is essential to follow through with all your goals, realizing that sometimes life happens; and you may be physically unable to complete your goals. In that case don’t cry over not being able to accomplish your goals. Instead be flexible and know that goals can be dynamic and change.Don’t let the stops on the way discourage you from your dreams and goals altogether. Sometimes, it might take a little longer than planned but it will still happen. Being flexible gives a bigger picture and allows you not to give up on your goals entirely.


  • Reward yourself

For every milestone that you get to, it is essential to reward yourself. This could serve as major motivation. Even if it’s a simple purchase of your favorite meal or an expensive handbag, make sure to reward yourself for all the hard work you have put in.



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