Home Entertainment Cardi B Shows Off Massive Cleavage In One Piece Swimsuit

Cardi B Shows Off Massive Cleavage In One Piece Swimsuit

Pop sensation, Cardi B showed off her very ample cleavage in a sexy revealing low-cut swimsuit, during a trip at the beach in New Zealand.

Taking to Instagram and posting on her Stories, the 26-year-old rapper – real name Belcalis Almanzar – showed off her very ample cleavage in a low-cut swimsuit.

Angling the camera from down below, while taking a shot, Cardi B flaunted her bust during a visit to Black Sand Beach on the outskirts of Auckland.

Cardi also shared a photo of herself jumping into the air on the seemingly deserted beach with her arms outstretched while playfully poking her tongue out at the camera.

The I Like It rapper was dressed in a pale pink one-piece swimsuit branded with the designer name ‘GUCCI’ across the torso in black lettering.

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