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Betty Irabor Shares On Her Beauty Routine, Being 60 And More


Irrespective of all she has been through, Genevieve Magazine publisher, Betty Irabor has so much to be thankful for. Today, she uses her life lessons to encourage other women who may be going through challenges.

In March, she turned 60 and she had a soul-train party with so many celebrities in attendance. However, for her, the party was more than turning 60.

In this recent interview with Channels TV, Betty Irabor opens up on what the celebration meant to her.

Being 60

60 is a number and all my life, I’ve never really been defined by my age. I said once that, I don’t know how to be 60, I don’t know how to be 50, I only know how to be Betty and that is pretty much why wherever I find myself, whatever age, I just try to live the best of my life and that is what I would say to anyone. I always say I’m a late bloomer but I bloom very well. I bloom better older than younger.

On people who get scared of aging

The thing is we are all going to show age at some time but the thing is you just know the basic things you can do to look young and lets not in the process of wanting to hold on to the fountain of youth become an ‘agabaya.’ Lets not become an ‘agabaya’ where people say isn’t she trying too hard. We are all going to age, the wrinkles will come eventually but the thing is, just age well. Know the things you can do to age well without going to the extreme.

On her beauty routine

Most of my routine actually started in my 50s, when I turned 53. Before then, I didn’t have any issues of staying slim but now, I have to make an effort. I go to the gym, I don’t eat beyond 7pm, I don’t take carbonhydate beyond 7pm. I take a lot of water and I go to the spa a lot. I exfoliate a lot. I’m always looking for some anti-aging products that work for me.

I’ve always battled sleep and if you don’t sleep, you begin to show lines. it was one of the things that accelerated the depression I went through because I went through bad case of insomnia. I had acute insomnia and of course with every other thing that was happening in my life.

There was a time in my depression that I couldn’t look at the mirror because I didn’t like who I saw. I was wrinkled, I was old, I was looking grey because of all the anti-depressants that I was going through.

At some point, I remember my mum after I got out of depression and she said there was a day she came to the house and she had to go to the bathroom to cry because I looked older than her but that part of me, people never saw because it was very bad.

Then I cut out socialisation, I cut out all friends because I didn’t want anybody seeing me at all. It was really a bad period. So, celebrating my 60th isn’t about turning 60, it was about the fact that I made it to 60 and I’m actually alive because going through depression, going through everything I went through, I didn’t think I was going to be alive to mark my 60th. So, it was more than the soul train, it was a celebration of a life I thought I would never have.

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