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Viona Njogu

Viona Njogu is a writer, content developer and poetry blogger. She loves to write about entrepreneurship,finance and investments.

How Small Businesses Can Leverage The Digital Space For Growth

In this article, I will focus on 3 key things you need to know about how small business can leverage the internet for growth....

Successful African Entrepreneurs Share Their Daily Morning Routines

Drive your day or your day will drive you -Mark Sisson- Willpower is strongest in the morning, according to scientific findings. Individuals can leverage their morning...

7 Quotes That Summarize Why Some People Are Rich And Others...

The responsibility to become successful rests on each individual. A person must invest in themselves positively in order to achieve their dream. Often, there...

3 Key Essentials When Pitching A Business Idea

One of the reasons most people give for not pursuing entrepreneurship is lack of capital. With fluctuating economic conditions, banks may not be willing...