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The Scholarships are awarded annually to women citizens of countries other than the United States or Canada for graduate study in a degree program from schools in the United States and Canada.
The P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship (IPS) Fund was established in 1949 to provide scholarships for qualified selected women students to pursue graduate study in the United States and Canada.
PEO believes that education is fundamental to world peace and understanding, and therefore it aims to help qualified women who desire higher education and are in need of financial assistance.

15 December 2017

Graduate (masters, phd)

Fields of study
Any graduate masters degree or doctoral degree program in any field of study

The scholarships are given as GRANTS-IN-AID and are not intended to cover all academic or personal expenses. The maximum scholarship amount for one (1) year of study is $12,500, based upon need. Lesser amounts may be awarded according to individual need.

-An applicant must be qualified for admission to full-time graduate study and working toward a graduate degree in an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada. A student does not need to be enrolled at the time of application.
-A copy of the applicant’s confirmation of admission must be received by the P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship office by April 1 in order to complete the application. This notice must specify the graduate degree program. No consideration will be given to applicants lacking evidence of admission.
-A student holding citizenship or permanent residency in the   States or Canada is NOT eligible.
-A scholarship is not given for research, internships, or for  practical training unless it is combined with coursework.
-Awards are not to be used to pay past debts.
-Scholarships are not awarded for travel.
-In order to qualify for her first scholarship, an applicant must have a full year of coursework remaining and be enrolled and in residence for the entire school year.
-Doctoral students who have completed coursework and are working only on dissertations are not eligible as first-time applicants.
Doctoral students in medicine or dentistry will be considered in the final two (2) years of coursework, internship or residency.

Eligibility must be established before application material is sent to applicants. To determine eligibility, complete the Eligibility Form and submit. The eligibility information is available at the official website at any time but the completed form will be accepted electronically in the IPS office only between 15 September and 15 December 2017.
It is important to read the Scholarship Policy(pdf) and visit the official website (link to it is below) for complete information on how to apply for this scholarship.

More Scholarship Information and Application

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