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The Trust was established in 1899 by public subscription to honour the name of General Charles George Gordon of the British army, who was killed during the Mahdi’s uprising in 1885. Gordon Memorial College, an educational institution in Sudan, was built between 1899 and 1902 as part of Lord Kitchener’s wide-ranging educational reforms, and also named in honour of Gordon. In 1924, the college was merged with the new Khartoum University, as was the Kitchener School of Medicine.

The Trust may also give financial assistance to Sudanese and South Sudanese nationals towards the costs of shorter training programmes, projects and courses in the UK, and applications for funding support of new courses will also be considered.

28th February 2018

Post graduate

Grants may be given towards the cost of course fees, and/or food and accommodation, and occasionally for other academic expenses, such as books.

-In awarding grants, priority will be given to students who are already enrolled on a course in the UK, rather than those wanting to embark on new postgraduate courses.
-A letter of support from the student’s course supervisor is essential. Applications will not be considered without such a letter.
-In awarding grants, preference will be given to those applicants whose chosen courses will enable them to contribute to the skills base of South Sudan or Sudan, and who demonstrate their intention to return to South Sudan or Sudan after their studies.
-No support can be given for dependent relatives.
-Organisations undertaking educational activities and projects in South Sudan and Sudan are also eligible for funding.

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