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Apply! Fully Funded Mozilla Fellowships 2018

More than ever, we need a movement to ensure the internet remains a force for good. We need people who stop the spread of misinformation, who put individuals in control of their data, and who keep artificial intelligence accountable. We need people who ensure smart cities and next-generation voice technology are diverse and equitable, and who conduct open research.

Mozilla Fellows do just this. And today, they’re opening applications for 2018-2019 cohort of Mozilla Fellows, with $1.2 million in support.

Mozilla Fellowships provide resources, tools, community and amplification to those building a more humane digital world. During their tenure, Fellows use their skill sets — in technology, in activism, in science, in policy — to design products, run campaigns, influence policy and ultimately lay the groundwork for a more open and inclusive internet.

Mozilla Fellows hail from a range of disciplines and geographies: they are policymakers in Kenya, journalists in Brazil, engineers in Germany, privacy activists in the United States, and data scientists in the Netherlands. During a 10-month tenure, fellows work on individual projects, but also collaborate on cross-disciplinary solutions to the internet’s biggest challenges. The Fellowships run from September 2018 through June 2019.



  • Mozilla Fellowships are a transformative experience for emerging leaders concerned with making the internet a safer, more accessible resource for everyone.
  • Fellows expand their network and sphere of influence; design impactful projects with the potential to reach million and learn from and collaborate with a global community of thousands of Mozillians.
  • Mozilla Fellows are also awarded competitive funding and benefits.


Mozilla Fellows fit three particular profiles:

  • Open web activists
    • Fellows who work in the realm of public interest technology, addressing issues like privacy, security, and inclusion online. These open web activists embed at leading human rights and civil society organizations around the world, lending their technical expertise.
  •  Scientists and researchers
    • Fellows who infuse open-source practices and principles into scientific research. “Science” is defined broadly; Fellows may work in the natural sciences, formal and applied sciences, or humanities, social sciences and library and information sciences. Fellows are based in the research institution with which they are currently affiliated.
  •  Tech policy professionals
    • Fellows who examine the interplay of technology and public policy, and craft legal, academic, and governmental solutions. These tech policy professionals are independent researchers and are not necessarily matched with a host organization or an institution.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

Application Process

Apply online through the given link.

Application Deadline: April 20, 2018

Application ClosedOfficial link

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