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8 Studying Tips To Help You Succeed In Any Exam

Depending on circumstances, school assignments and examinations tend to be tedious and can ultimately put students under immense stress.

This makes students cringe at the thought of school, but then, there is always a hack for everything.

All you need to do is apply certain principles and you’ll ace your tests.

Find what works for you

Different strokes for different folks, right?

Some people are night owls, doing their best work when the world is asleep, while others just need to pay attention in class, flip a few pages and they have it locked down.

So, the first thing you need to do is find the easiest and the most comfortable environment for you to absorb information.

Pace yourself

Don’t study hard, study smart.

Studying for eight hours at a stretch will only put unnecessary strain on your mind and body — and you may not remember much in the end.

A good option is to study for one hour and take a 30 minute break. Take a walk, laugh with friends, get something to eat.

Then repeat the process.

Have a plan

Your education is not something to gamble with.

So instead of  ‘winging it’, make a study plan. Knowing the topics you need to cover daily will give you direction, hence making you more productive.

Write it down

While studying, take notes.

Your brain cannot retain everything you read but writing it down helps solidify that information better.

Have a positive mindset

Forget the problem, it’s your attitude towards the problem that counts.

Going to study out of compunction will only reduce your productivity. Knowing why you’re studying and what you hope to achieve will give you more perspective.

You have to want it.

Quiz yourself

So you’re done studying — but it doesn’t end there.

Get practice questions and quiz yourself.

Orally quizzing yourself with a friend or study partner has proven to be more effective and also helps with memory retention.

Sleep well

Even machines need to rest.

Make sure you get enough sleep so you can wake up revitalised, with a fresh mind.

Ask questions

Always ask your lecturers questions when you’re not clear on a topic.

An assumption can easily turn an A to a B.

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