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7 Things Every Kid Would Relate To This Harmattan

Even if it’s a day or two days towards the end of the year, Nigerians must have a feel of what cold is, in another level.

  1. The day won’t start until there is sun in the sky
    Wake me once it’s 2pm

    2. When Mummy says come and bath with cold water that it would send the cold away

    Even Oyinbos don’t bathe everyday

    3. How hot water turns cold within the twinkle of an eye

4. When Mummy says nobody in the house must use her gas stove to boil water

Mummy please, You will not die

5. When somebody mistakenly touches you with their cold hand

You want to die abi?

6. When you finally decide to bathe with cold water

7. The unending lip cracks that lip gloss cannot cure;

Vaseline don finish for house?

And your dry white skin when you forget to rub Vaseline

Na only you harmattan catch?

In the end, you say:


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