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7 Pieces Of Career Advice To Help You Perform Better At Work

  1. If it doesn’t make you better, it’s not worth doing.

“Quit” is the ultimate four-letter word of the business world. Quitting just because something is hard can be a terrible decision, but quitting when something is not helping you improve can actually benefit your career.

  1. Leadership is the art of doing through others.

“Leadership is not just getting things done. Rather, it’s the art of getting things done through others.” This statement has caused a focused effort to delegate and empower employees to get things done so one can focus elsewhere.

Delegation is transferring work to people whose skills are a better match for it. It helps get work done faster and in a more perfect way. You just need to ensure that the person has the time and skills to take on the responsibility.

  1. Over-prepare, and then go with the flow.

Whether it is anything associated with job-related duties, over-prepared individuals can relax once they are in the hot seat. It gives you the ability to maintain a grace under fire and creates room for necessary improvisation and flexibility. Nothing will ever turn out as planned, and when you are over-prepared, you can compensate for this dynamic.

  1. Listen more than you talk.

Listening is a skill that cannot be overlooked. You pick up a lot of what it eventually takes to succeed just by listening actively to other people.

  1. Your colleagues are not your friends.

Just because you happen to be spending a majority of your day in the same building or workplace with these people does not automatically mean that you can trust them or rely on them to have your best interests at heart. Save yourself disappointment by realizing that it takes time for a co-worker to become a “real friend.”

  1. Write out your plan for the day.

Learning to write things down and creating a game plan for your day is just the way to go. Have a list of the things you want to accomplish for the day and prioritize one or two items that are most important. Tackle those first.

  1. Get things done early on.

Focus on identifying specific tasks or objectives you can achieve early on to establish your reputation as someone who gets things done. Be sure to choose a goal that matters to the company you work for and its objectives.



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