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7 Compliments You Should Give Yourself Everyday


Have you ever thought of giving yourself compliments every day? Giving yourself compliments is good for you. When you wake up, there is no need for negativity because a dark mind will only create a bad day. Start your day with some of these compliments to keep your spirits up, and you will notice that your life is not as hard as it seems.

  1. I am beautiful

This is the first compliment to give yourself in the morning every day. What do you like about yourself? It can be internal, such as the sense of humor, or external, such as your smile or your eyes. When you are down on yourself, just choose at least two things that you are proud of. Even if no one notices your beauty, remember, it exists and one day, people around you will notice it.


  1. I am strong

You might have gotten through lots of miserable minutes and you have managed to cope with different tough situations. Another compliment to give yourself each morning is that you are a strong and capable person who can cope with the worst things.  Of course it is difficult to stay strong when things go wrong and no one believes in you or no one helps you, but always remind yourself that you are strong and nothing can bring you down.


  1. My life means something

This compliment is highly important, especially for those who can’t find their meaning in life. No matter what you are born to do, you should trust that there is an important reason behind your existence. You are not useless. You are a beautiful and clever person who will certainly find their place in life.


  1. I am alive

While life is tough, dull, and draining, you are still alive and you are living life on a wonderful planet, surrounded by wonderful people. When you are alive, you have lots of amazing opportunities open to you. Just enjoy your life.


  1. I am intelligent

You might not be book smart and perhaps you didn’t get high grades in school, but you are brilliant in your own way. All of us have an absolutely different set of knowledge, and all of us are intelligent. If you do not consider yourself an intelligent person, you should learn to appreciate yourself.


  1. I am loved

Appreciate sincerely any love you get in your life, and never take it for granted. Love is special, no matter whether this love is given to you by one person or one hundred, remember it.


  1. I am in charge of my own life

This is another wonderful compliment to give yourself every single day. There’s always going to be someone in your life who has control over you, like your parents, teacher or boss. But you are in charge of your life, you can do almost everything you want to do, and you can make your own decisions. Don’t let anyone and anything control your life. Giving yourself a small compliment each day helps you love yourself and always stay positive.

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