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6 Vital Reasons To Give Up Sugar

Sugar is one of the most addicting things many people become dependent on without realizing it. Although we have all grown up loving sugar, there are many reasons to give up it today. The major reason is definitely your health. Sugar is the key factor to almost all health issues these days. Here is a list of a few crucial reasons to give up sugar.


  1. Sugar makes your skin look older

Interestingly, sugar can make a person age faster. The thing is, sugar can disrupt the hormones as well as encourage free radicals that are responsible for aging, illness, and destruction of the DNA. Give up sugar today to look a bit younger tomorrow.


  1. Highly addictive

Another vital reason to give up sugar as soon as possible is because it is very addictive. It was proven that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine, which means the more you consume it, the more you want it.


  1. It can cause weight gain

Not only does sugar promote tooth decay and provide quick highs and lows, it also offers nothing but plenty of empty calories. If you are on a diet and you are trying to drop several unwanted weight, you need to consume only natural sugar. Though, it doesn’t mean you should eat a lot of sugar if you are trying to gain weight. Sugar is not good for you no matter what your fitness goal is.


  1. It can cause mood swings

Sugar can also cause mood swings. When you consume sugar, your blood sugar spikes and then drops quickly once you have burned it. It impacts your metabolism, your mood and your overall health. If you experience frequent mood swings during the day, try to eliminate sugar from your diet and see what happens.


  1. It suppresses your immune system

Eating sugar suppresses your immune system and makes your body more susceptible to some diseases. Numerous studies show that a body with a lower pH is the best environment for cancer to grow in. So if you are trying to boost your immune system and prevent cancer, you should start with quitting sugar first.


  1. It doesn’t contain any vitamins or minerals

Sugar is simply empty calories. It does not contain any vitamins and minerals. Most high-sugar foods such as pastries and sodas contain very little nutrients. If you consume them regularly, you might become deficient in some important nutrients.


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