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6 Early Signals You’re Stuck In A Stagnant Career


Stagnant career signals are everywhere. Are you working so hard with a lot of work experience but with very little to show for your hard work? Are your colleagues having better career advancement opportunities compared to you? Do you find yourself with no defined path for promotion? Is your job getting threatened by automation in the nearest possible future? Do you feel too comfortable or are you getting frustrated by the environment, your job and more?

If any of the above ticks off your list or comes close, you’re likely on the path to a stagnant career and or already facing a stagnated career. Whether you find yourself heading in this direction or not, the following are stagnant career signs you should be wary of and watch out for.

Lost Touch With Family and Friendsstagnant career

Many personal relationships are hurt by career demands and the frustration can lead to a stagnant career as it will affect your focus. Have you found yourself in a situation where important anniversaries, birthdays, special ceremonies and more are all forgotten because of your career? You’re definitely losing touch and headed for a stagnant career but as much as both are important, find a balance that works for both.

Bored On the Job or At Workstagnant career

It’s most likely that your job or industry no longer challenges you or your level of skills and this results in being continuously bored on the job or at work. As a stagnant career sign, this keeps you less motivated to scale your skills up to meet up with the demands of your job. Tasks are now monotonous and mechanical; a constant cycle of the same day, same things with very little to look forward to.

No Raise, Improved Welfare or Role Changestagnant career

You’ve been on the job for a while now, yet, there has been no raise, improved welfare or role changed to help you scale up. This is a real sign of a stagnated career because you have not benefited from adding more to your wealth of experience, not getting more money and not enjoying an improved welfare that can improve your working conditions.

Skills and Contribution Not Importantstagnant career

A professional environment will require the best of your skills and contribution to helping the organisation achieve its goals. A stagnant career sign is being on the job where your skill and contribution are not important, valued or sought to be implemented. This can be as a result of poor leadership ranks or poor company policies. Such environment stifles growth and career aspirations.

You Are Getting AbusedYou_Are_Getting_Abused-1200x630

A stagnant career sign is the presence of emotional and verbal abuse both from colleagues and bosses. Such work environment can affect your mental health and personal confidence to perform and deliver on your tasks.

Every Single Day Feels Like Mondaystagnant career

Remember the cliche saying that everybody hates Monday? Well, if you go to work every day and it feels like Monday and this continues over a long period, you’re likely facing a notable sign of career stagnation.

In conclusion, whether these signs are as a result of external or internal stimuli, it’s highly important to take steps at redeeming yourself and your career from stagnation. Employers will only overtime hire candidates who will bring more value and show you the door out. These are just a few signs, take a self-audit and if you’re experiencing any of the signs listed here or not listed, you should work at living above such career stagnation signs. Allowing yourself to fall deep into it spells doom for your career growth.

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