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5 Tips To Survive In A Hostile Work Environment


A hostile work environment connotes a work place where a boss or co-worker whose actions, communication, or behavior makes doing your job impossible. Dealing with a workplace environment that is generally hostile can be challenging because there might be no clear remedy. Take steps to shield yourself from the negativity by controlling those things you can, here are 5 tips that can help;

Try Positive thinking

The art of positive thinking will help you stay sane in a hostile work place and you should practice it by forcing yourself to think of something nice to say about co-workers you cannot stand. This technique will help you see things from a different, more positive perspective. Although it may not do much to change the environment you work in, it sure will help change your opinion about it.

Keep a Journal

Keeping all that negative emotions all bottled up inside of you may not be a good idea, you may lose your temper one day. Consider getting a journal. Write whenever you have time or whenever you feel like you could explode. Feel free to express your thoughts or emotions in your journal.

Surround Yourself with Positive Things

The space you work in is yours to decorate as you wish so you can add various things to make you happy. For instance, put up stickers with positive phrases such as ‘I can”, you could put up flowers, family photos or your children’s drawings if it will help you stay happy and motivated throughout the day.

Don’t Mind the Distractions

Persons who had to suck it up and play with card they had been given agree that the best way to handle a hostile work place is to focus on stuff you have to do rather than what everyone else is doing. If there are distractions, try using your headphones. Play your favorite music and face your work, let others know you are unavailable to discuss anything but work-related issues.

Set Boundaries

Staying aside and trying not to get involved in any tricky situations might not always work because some people would still try to pry into your business. There are still co-workers that will ask inappropriate questions or make inappropriate, rude and snide. Try to establish a polite, normal relationship while letting them know that being polite or quiet does not give room for anything asides work.



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