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5 Things You Must Remind Yourself Everyday


Do you believe you can succeed? Your voice holds the power to boost your confidence and help you both navigate and learn from setbacks when they occur. These are five things you should tell yourself today and everyday.

Remind yourself to do it now: If you keep making excuses after excuses, you will leave your dreams to die. If you are continually telling yourself it is okay to do nothing, then nothing will be what you achieve. Instead, allow your inner voice to motivate you from morning until night, and fiercely commit to your dream with a sense of urgency.

Remind yourself that you deserve this: If you are among the people who are settle for anything lesser than the success you dream about, you simply must get out of your own way by leaving your comfort zone. Whatever your dream might be, begin by reminding yourself that you deserve a brighter future, and then invest in yourself by giving your all to you. Never cut corners on what’s most important: your happiness.

Remind yourself that you can: We all have fears, but we cannot habitually make fear-based decisions or we will never reach our full potential. If we allow fear to paralyze our progress, we open up a path for mediocrity.

Remind yourself that you were made to be a standard: Of course, you don’t become a ‘standard’ by just saying it or thinking about it, you get up and do something about it! Life moves very fast in different stages, it totally depends on you.

Remind yourself that laziness is not an option: Laziness is the attribute of a sluggard. Don’t be idle, make sure you’re doing something, and not just anything, but something that is in line with your purpose. Only then will you do exploits.


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