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5 Reasons You Should Dare To Be Vulnerable


When we hear the term vulnerability, we often associate with weaknesses. After all, being vulnerable is defined as being “defenseless” and “open to attack.” Maybe not ideal for your bank account, however, its very necessary when it comes to matters of the heart.

Being vulnerable is human, it does not mean weak. Just as we are made up of our successes, we are also made up of our mistakes. So find strength in your so-called weaknesses. When you leave room to be vulnerable, you leave room for love. But you see, if you never allow yourself to become vulnerable, you essentially never allow yourself to love or be loved.  Everyone has different weaknesses and unique perspectives or experiences that can trigger feelings of inadequacies. But remember, these things do not make you weak. So unlock the doors and let people in.

No matter what you have done or where you are from, you are good and worthy. See 5 reasons why you should be vulnerable;


  1. You grow as a person. If you do not allow yourself to be vulnerable, how will you ever grow and develop as a person? Vulnerability is a vital component of self-development.
  2. Let go of perfection. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to be perfect all the time, it can be boring sometimes. It is okay to be imperfect when you are vulnerable.
  3. You connect with others. There is something endearing about vulnerability. When you are vulnerable, it is easier to connect with others because you are coming from a place of truth. Ask for help and you will be surprised how valuable it makes people feel when they are asked for help.
  4. It increases your emotional intelligence. If you are constantly burying your feelings, then you would not grow emotionally. By facing your vulnerability head on, you will naturally increase your own emotional intelligence.
  5. You can be yourself. As Steve Jobs said “You’re time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Take this moment to be true to who you are and leave the mask behind.


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