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5 Other Places You Can Be Productive Apart From The Office


When productivity starts to wane and you those cubicle walls just are not inspiring you anymore,you begin to count down to when you clock off from work because nothing seems to motivate you to work, you could get up from your desk and leave the office (if you can) to focus and deliver you best work.  See five other places you can go to;

  1. Your Home/Apartment

Working from home on particular days of each week can be helpful. Not only do you gain an extra 90 minutes of productivity by not having to get ready or commute, I also get to spend time focusing on issues that require more time and attention since you are able to work uninterrupted by meetings.


  1. The Library

Sometimes, you just need a bit of a respite from everyday life. Something about a library just inspires feelings of productivity and one great thing about libraries is that they are peaceful and quiet. Being in the library helps you to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. Being surrounded by books also helps to remind you of why you are there in the first place: to get ahead and be successful.


  1. A different state/country

You find out that you would feel so rejuvenated and re-inspired when you work from somewhere you are not familiar with. It allows you to clear my head, disengage from your routine and see your work through a new lens.


  1. Hotels

How I love the hotel life. This is because I have very few distractions in there and I am away from the everyday responsibilities that I would usually have. There is no cleaning, dish washing or domestic chores to get through. They can wait until you are back home. It gives you time for some work uninterrupted (well, if you are alone there). Make your time away from home worth it.


  1. The Park

The office is a great place to work and collaborate, but when you need to get really creative, it can be somewhat stifling. Grab my laptop and take a walk to a park, where you can embrace nature, literally. You can focus 100 percent on what needs to get done while enjoying a radically new work environment in nature.


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