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3 Ways To Strategically Lead Yourself Into The Future

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There are three simple ways to lead yourself into the future, and it simply starts with understanding how to recalibrate your GPS. GPS stands for:

  • What am I grateful for? When you get up every single day, can you identify the one, two or three things that you are most thankful for as you start the day? This allows us to be more productive during the day.
  • How do I intend to be purposeful? Where there is no purpose, abuse of time, energy and resources is inevitable. So how do you find your purpose? Ask yourself, why are you here right now? What is that you can do to make the biggest impact and difference today?
  • What will it take to be a slashy? Whoever told you that you have to do just one thing, don’t believe the hype. If you’re working in a job, it’s OK to have a side hustle. If you’re in business for yourself, it’s OK to do a few things—just make sure you love it.

We are now living in a very disrupted world—a world of uncertainty, ambiguity and change. The most important thing we have to think about is how we are going to lead ourselves into the future.

Next, how do you create a strategic life plan that ensures this happens effortlessly? It starts with the acronym, V.A.L.U.E.

  1. Vision: What do you see?
  2. Achieve: What is that thing you want most?
  3. Learn: How will you grow?
  4. Understand: What will you begin to understand about your life unfolding?
  5. Experience: Don’t just work hard, but play harder and have fun.

Start looking at your strategic life plan with the lens of value. What is the value you’re bringing to every day, every week, every month?

What’s my vision? Did I achieve what I intended to do? Did I learn? Did I truly understand? Did I have an experience that is second to none?

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