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10 Things That Are Not Used For What They Are Meant For

  1. Viagra was originally intended to treat blood pressure

Scientists who developed Viagra, or Sildenafil Citrate, were hoping it could lower blood pressure and treat Angina — a heart problem. However, they were met with a surprising side-effect during clinical trials — the male participants experienced erections, according to The BBC.

Curing erectile dysfunction became an incredibly lucrative side-effect for the drug And in 2007, its original purpose was vindicated. Scientists showed that as well as boosting blood flow to the penis, the drug could also increase the amount of blood sent to the heart and lungs, according to The British Heart Foundation.

2. Beer Mat was supposed to be a cover

First of all, this thing has a name: bierdeckel. This word of German origin can be translated as “beer top.” This item was created in the 19th century in restaurants with summer terraces. People covered their glasses with this piece of cardboard to protect the drink from insects.

People later started to use bierdeckels as drink coasters in order to protect the table from dripping beer.

3. 7up was originally a mood stabilizing drink

7UP started out with a much less catchy label: “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda.” As the name implies, the lemon-lime flavored drink contained lithium — a drug used in the psychiatric treatment of people suffering from bipolar disorder.

According to The New York Times, 7UP contained lithium up until 1950. It is even suggested that the “7” in the name refers to lithium’s atomic mass and “UP” could be to do with an improved mood, after taking the substance.

4. Umbrella were originally used as shield against sun rays

Umbrellas were previously used in Europe and China for protection from sunrays. This tradition can also be traced in the names for an umbrella in different languages: zondek (“canopy“) and parasol (”for the sun”).

In 1750, Jonas Hanway was the first person to use an umbrella as we use it today — he opened it in the rain.

5. Hoods were used to hide faces

Different nations around the world have some sort of hoods. However, this detail of clothing became famous thanks to the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. They also got their name from the French name for a hood: capuchon.

The Capuchin Friars used hoods to hide their faces. From the point of view of symbolism, this detail meant apostasy and invisibility.

6. The loop at the back of a shirt

What is the purpose of this loop at the back of a shirt? There are 3 plausible versions. The 1st one is that it was designed to hang a shirt on a hook. The 2nd version came from the times of detachable collars and neck kerchiefs: this loop was probably used for attaching a tie. The 3rd version is the most romantic. A student who studied at an American university cut off this loop to show that he was dating a girl, and the girl was meant to wear the scarf of his college.

7. The 5th pocket in Jeans

What is this cute little pocket meant for? The most popular suggestion is that it is meant to carry condoms. Of course, you can put whatever you want into that pocket, but it was initially meant for an absolutely different purpose.

The 5th pocket first appeared in 1873 in Levi’s jeans, and it was used to carry a pocket watch. Even today this pocket is called the “watch pocket” in their catalogs.

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